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Clients - Totally updated a one page website to a more modern looking site for a great pizzeria in my neighborhood in May 2021. The food is great and worth stopping by for a bite or have it delivered.. just bring your own wine! - Created a website for an Asphalt Repair company in Montreal-North, QC who do great work for affordable prices for both Residential and Commercial locations! - Maria Moukas - Real Estate Broker for Royal LePage Humania Centre. Created a second website for a different division of her services for Seniors.

Former clients using FACEBOOK only now or have retired.. - *WEBSITE & DOMAIN NOW OFFLINE*  Guylaine Lapointe - Breeder of beautiful Bengal cats. Conception of new Business cards. Collaborated on a new upgraded website.. This client has retired from breeding in 2020. -  *WEBSITE & DOMAIN NOW OFFLINE* Client now using Facebook only.

Created a website for a non-profit organisation - a Cat Refuge/Shelter here in the Lower Laurentians, QC. who does great work here in Quebec! - *WEBSITE & DOMAIN NOW OFFLINE *  Client deceased.
Owner had moved and altered business aspects mentioned in the website.  Due to change of physical location, different services are now being offered and others removed. I also created a complex Excel workbook for submitting their income tax expenses and income for farming & agriculture.

Mr. Jean-Marc Brault (Now retired as Owner of a private vineyard)- Had done 1500 wine labels for Red, White and Rosée in full colour for him. 


(Consultation sample for Excellence Mecanique OR in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, QC)

  (Consultation sample for Salon Spa Romina in St-Eustache). Client now retired.
  (Consultation sample for Ongles Rose in St-Eustache). Client using Facebook only at this time.

   (Consultation sample for Ferme Klassique - on VERY OLD website!) Client deceased.

“I wish to thank wholeheartedly DIANA AFANASSIEVA ... for the design of my new website!
Her unconditional patience all my requests, my changes, new tryouts, in order to get the website
of my dreams .... thank you... !.”

​​Guylaine Lapointe, La Quête du Bengal

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